Shirley Quach RRT HBSc


Thank you to every RT for your dedication and contributions during this difficult time.

It is important that you receive accurate and credible information regarding COVID-19. The RTSO’s Board of Directors have created a section of their website, dedicated to providing you with updated information about Coronavirus COVID-19: More information can be found from the Government of Canada:

We are still looking to welcome motivated and enthusiastic individuals interested in joining the Research Interest Group to fill two regular member positions. Those interested in participating in the planning and voicing the importance of research in respiratory therapy practices are encouraged to get in contact with us. Along with this recruitment, we continue to compile a mentorship list for individuals interested in volunteering to participate in this program. Please email to express your interest.

Follow us in the Research Interest Group section of RTSO Airwaves from Research 101 to Students Corner for upcoming work and updates!