The Pinnacle Award

The Pinnacle Award is a premium award, awarded only to a Respiratory Therapist in Ontario who has contributed to the profession in a unique manner.

To be considered for this award the following criteria must be met to qualify:

  • must be a member in good standing with the RTSO.
  • must hold a valid license with the CRTO;
  • must have shown dedication to the profession by:

a. being an active member of the RTSO for a minimum of 10 years; and,

b. served either as a Director or Executive Member of the RTSO Board of Directors and/or a RTSO Committee Chairperson and/or a RTSO appointee to a CSRT Committee; or,

c. organized a special function which benefited the Society in general or specific to a particular cause;

  • must have benefited the RTs in Ontario in either a:

a. professional; and/or,

b. educational; and/or,

c. organizational; and/or,

d. moral; and/or,

e. scientific; and/or,

f. financial manner.

  • must be nominated by a member in good standing with the RTSO and provide a written brief detailing the activities and rationale for nominating the individual; and,
  • be approved by the Board of Directors of the RTSO.


Please use the space below to outline reasons why you feel this member is a suitable candidate for this award.
Provide examples to illustrate your points.

Nomination Supported by:

Note: Nominee, Nominator and Seconder MUST be members in good standing with the RTSO and CRTO.