To promote and advance the interests of Ontario Respiratory Therapists by creating opportunities for professional growth, advocacy and research.


Inspiring RT Excellence.

Role of the RTSO

The Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario is a non-profit organization of professionals devoted to the promotion of Respiratory Therapy in the province of Ontario.

The RTSO’s purpose is to:

  • Promote leadership and direction in the expansion of the role of the Respiratory Therapist in response to the changing health needs of the community.
  • Encourage the professional growth of our members by supporting the development, promotion and provision of educational opportunities.
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of high quality health care.
  • Support and provide public education on respiratory health and disease.
  • Support programs in research, patient care, education and management.
  • Promote the profession of Respiratory Therapy.
  • Represent the professional interests of Respiratory Therapists voicing concerns in a consistent, unified fashion.
  • Development and maintenance of standards for practice of Respiratory Therapy.

How RTs Get Involved

There are a variety of ways to be involved in research, evaluation and/or quality improvement initiatives:

  • Principal investigator or project lead
  • Co-investigator
  • Collaborator
  • Partner
  • Knowledge-user
  • Research coordinator
  • Research associate
  • Statistician
  • Member of an Ethics Review
  • Quality Improvement Committee
  • Evaluation or quality improvement team member

And many other ways including critically appraising journal articles that you read as well as being a knowledge user and integrating results into practice!

Knowledge, training and experience in research and evaluation methodologies and processes in addition to respiratory therapy training prepare respiratory therapists and related professionals to produce viable studies and programs. There are also a number of education and training resources listed under the “Education/Training” tab of the RTSO Research Committee section of the RTSO website which can help further prepare respiratory therapists to become involved in research.

You may also want to consider becoming involved with the Research Committee!

  • Become a member: Members of the Research Committee (RC) have some research or evaluation experience and are keenly interested in contributing to the development, implementation and evaluation of the RC Framework. All it takes is some enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and interest in taking part.
  • Contributing to the website: You can help by providing content toward each element of the website. For instance, providing a list of programs and workshops aimed at training RT’s in research. This may include searching programs across the province or providing information on courses local to your practice or geographical area.
  • Submit articles/manuscripts for publication: RTSO’s Airwaves newsletter is published throughout the year. The Research Committee aims to include a research-oriented article from an RTSO member involved or particularly interested in research, evaluation or quality improvement methodology for each issue. If interested in submitting an article reflecting your interest and/or experience in research, quality improvement or evaluation, please email office@rtso.ca
  • Join the RTSO Research Network/LinkedIn Group: Share information and experiences, solicit feedback or just join on-line conversations related to respiratory therapy research, evaluation or quality improvement initiatives.
  • Become a mentor: Those RT’s experienced in research, evaluation or QI processes could volunteer to mentor other less experienced RT’s interested in developing their skills.
  • Become a peer reviewer: For those interested in reviewing abstracts and posters for the RTSO forum.
  • Volunteer: Offer time to to help with special projects.

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