The Student Achievement Award

The Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario (RTSO) Student Achievement Award is given each year to a graduating student from one of the accredited programs in Respiratory Therapy in the Province of Ontario who has demonstrated outstanding professionalism during their clinical training.


The award consists of:

  • an individual plaque
  • full registration at the RTSO Educational Forum


The candidate must be a graduating Respiratory Therapy Student who is a member in good standing with the RTSO.


The student should be chosen for the overall professionalism they have demonstrated throughout their clinical training. The nominee may demonstrate professionalism by one or more of the following:

  • exhibiting leadership capabilities
  • is influential in establishing a positive clinical environment
  • demonstrating good communication skills with colleagues and patients
  • is dependable and accountable
  • acts in a manner consistent with established ethical standards
  • has promoted the profession of Respiratory Therapy through their involvement with the RTSO, their educational institution and/or affiliated charitable organizations



A Call for Nominations will be sent to all RTSO members. The award process may be outlined to the graduating class by a representative of the RTSO upon invitation by the school.

Students may be nominated by any member in good standing with the RTSO. Using the nomination form, the reasons for bestowing this award on the nominee should be outlined. The nominator is encouraged to present anecdotal evidence of the suitability of the candidate. A member may nominate only one candidate.

The nomination process is complete when the form is submitted to the RTSO by the nomination deadline.


The RTSO will verify the following information:

  • the RTSO membership status of the nominee, and the nominator
  • the graduation status of the nominee
  • the anecdotal evidence provided in the nomination through follow-up contact with the nominator if necessary


The award recipient will be selected based on the criteria and the supporting evidence outlined on the nomination form. This selection will be ratified by the Board of Directors of the RTSO.


The RTSO Head Office will:

  • notify the RTSO President, who in turn, will notify the award recipients with a letter of congratulations (notification will follow successful completion of the requirements for graduation)
  • make arrangements for award preparation
  • notify the Editor of Airwaves for inclusion in a future issue


Please use the space below to outline reasons why you feel this member is a suitable candidate for this award.
Provide examples to illustrate your points.

Nomination Supported by:

Note: Nominee, Nominator and Seconder MUST be members in good standing with the RTSO and CRTO.