Ontario Specific Resources

ADP has waived the renewal requirements and extended funding for all clients currently receiving 3-month, 9-month and palliative care oxygen until August 31, 2020
For the duration of the pandemic, ADP has waived the eligibility requirements for first-time home oxygen applications, provided there is a valid prescription from a physician or nurse practitioner.
ADP-Registered Vendors for Home Oxygen Therapy
MOH-PPE and Ventilator Update March 28, 2020
COVID 19-PPE Survey Spreadsheet for the Health Sector
Ontario Ministry of Health Guidance Documents for Healthcare Workers
Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19
Improving COVID-19 Surveillance within ACES
COVID-19 Directive #2 – RHPA Professionals
CMOH Memo Hospital Visitors COVID-2019
MOH-OH Memo Virtual Visits
CMOH Memo COVID-19 Surveillance
CRTO Emergency Preparedness
CRTO Novel Coronavirus Resources
Ontario Ministry of Health 2019 Novel Coronavirus

National Resources:

CSRT Novel Coronavirus Resource List (this is extremely comprehensive for various aspects regarding the virus and management)
Health Canada

Global Resources:

World Health Organization