Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to ensure communication from the Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario (RTSO) is clear, consistent, coordinated and meets the needs of our Members and stakeholders. This approach will help us to provide timely, accurate and high-quality information about our programs, services, initiatives and guidelines.

This General Communications Policy will ensure that we are visible, accessible and accountable. RTSO communication aims to enhance the profile of our organization and to preserve the integrity and respect that our organization has established.

Designated Speakers / Spokespersons

Official information related to decisions and resolutions made by the Board of Directors and any other matters will be communicated to the media by the President or designate, which may include staff as required.

The President is the official designated speaker of the RTSO unless otherwise authorized. The President may designate others to speak in an official capacity on issues or subjects where they have responsibility and expertise.

Officials designated to speak on the RTSO’s behalf, including technical, subject-matter experts and Committee Chairs of special interest groups, must receive instruction and permission to carry out their responsibilities appropriately and effectively, by the President and/or the Executive Board, and to ensure the requirements of their role and this policy are met. The content of the information and urgency of the communication will determine whether instruction and permission is given by the President alone, or in conjunction with the Executive Board.

The designated spokespersons have a duty to speak truthfully and openly to the best of their knowledge regarding the RTSO, subject to any disclosure restrictions.

Public Statements of Personal Opinion

RTSO personnel should refrain from making public statements of personal opinion regarding the RTSO and from presenting a personal opinion regarding RTSO as a fact.

Media and Public Relations

Media inquiries must be directed to the President. Media responses will be developed in consultation with the appropriate content experts and the Executive Board.

In order to provide accurate and timely information, only designated spokespersons are authorized to speak to media sources on behalf of the organization. The President may appoint a spokesperson on specific issues. Staff or volunteers will not speak to the media on behalf of the organization without prior authorization from the President and/or the Executive Board.

RTSO personnel who are not authorized to act as spokespersons will not respond on behalf of the RTSO to any inquiry or initiate communication with the media.

Internal Communication

Internal communication within the RTSO includes, but is not limited to, communication between or amongst the RTSO staff, the RTSO Board of Directors, the RTSO Committees and the RTSO Membership. Internal communication will be respectful, open and collaborative, and take into account the potential confidential nature of specific matters.

Electronic Communication

Electronic communication through email, the Internet and the website provide opportunities for interactive, two-way communication and greatly decrease the response time for distribution of information and for receiving feedback. It is important that Members and stakeholders who utilize these forms of communication do so in a responsible and respectful manner to promote and maintain professionalism.

Press Releases

The RTSO will issue press releases from time to time to disclose information that is important or of use to the public. Press releases will be prepared and reviewed in accordance with the RTSO’s established practices, including review by the RTSO’s Board of Directors and Committees, where appropriate. All press releases must be approved by and issued under the supervision of a designated spokesperson.


College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO) – General Communications Policy