The RTSO Student Affairs Committee would like to reach out to Ontario’s GRT’s as some of you begin your professional careers.

Most of you are were within 10 weeks of completing your programs, and while you have gained valuable experience thus far, remember there is still so much to learn!!  Always remember to move forward with a keen sense of inquiry and dive into the evidence when you recognize a gap in your knowledge.

The RTSO is a valuable resource for accurate information on COVID-19 along with other issues both clinical and legislative.  They have been working tirelessly to ensure your voice is at the strategy sessions held by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and receive daily updates on cases across Ontario and globally, along with case definitions and IPAC changes that alter your clinical work.  Use this professional association to its fullest and allow them to represent you at the Ministry level in these rapidly changing times!

Above all, make sure you pause before diving head-first into a clinical situation – ensure YOU are safe!  You have a huge amount of enthusiasm to assist your team, but your personal safety should always come first.  Another huge priority is your mental health.  Along with becoming an RTSO member, join the Facebook group “Ontario RRT Support” for helpful resources and insight from RRT’s from around the province working in various clinical settings but facing similar challenges.

Thank you for choosing Respiratory Therapy…stay together and stay safe!

Your Student Affairs Committee Co-chairs,

Wendy and Greg

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