Sue Jones RRT FCSRT LSSBB RTSO President

This is a pivotal time for the RTSO!!  Will this Association get back on its feet or will the RTSO cease to exist?

Thanks to our corporate partners we are able to run INSPIRE and the Leadership Summit.

On August 23rd the RTSO had a mere $3,000 to run the association, and within 2 weeks a group of committed Board members were able to obtain the support of our corporate partners so that we could continue with our educational forum on October 19, 2019. In the two weeks leading up to September 6, 2019 we were able to rally enough support to hold the conference with a small profit margin, allowing the organization to continue while the mid-year membership drive was placed into high gear. The RTSO has struggled for quite a few years now and unfortunately this is our current reality!

As our healthcare landscape changes and Ontario Health Teams become the new norm, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care continues to restructure and prioritize around seamless healthcare, homecare, mental health and addiction as well as how Ontario plans to accommodate the ever-growing senior population.
Still there is a lack of knowledge and understanding as to what the profession of Respiratory Therapy provides to patient care. A conversation with a Chiropractor recently provided an “A-Ha!” moment for me, as this fellow professional had no idea what Respiratory Therapists do nor the educational background we acquire throughout our 3-year program. Why is that? How can we change that? What collective body will educate the public and the other professions if the RTSO does not exist? Will the CSRT fill that void in Ontario? Will the CRTO educate the public? We may find out if we don’t unite and support a provincial Association that is focused solely on the profession of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario. Read more about what the RTSO does for you here.

This is a CRISIS and if you don’t think it will happen, you are very wrong. If the RTSO is unable to recruit enough members to support this association, we will close the doors. You may ask how many people need to join? If we are to continue the work of the association, we need administrative support, as all Board members are volunteers with jobs and other responsibilities. In order to provide that type of support, we need a total paid membership of at least 875 Respiratory Therapists out of the 3500 in Ontario. We know the cost of membership is difficult with many of you and we are looking at every possibility to recruit and maintain members at reasonable costs, with convenient ways to renew your membership.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dilshad Moosa for her service to the RTSO as the part-time Executive Director for the last 20 months. Knowing the financial situation the RTSO has been in, Dilshad resigned as of September 16, 2019 in an attempt to help save the organization some badly needed operating funds. Dilshad took on many responsibilities with the day-to-day running of the society, liaised with corporate members, represented the RTSO at many government related tables, and supported the Board at meetings. We appreciate all Dilshad did for the society and for the profession. Good luck in your future endeavors!

Stay tuned for the decision in December on whether this Society will continue to represent Respiratory Therapy in Ontario. Please support our profession!!