Submitted by Carissa Coghill

During RT week, St. Clair College’s Respiratory Therapy students inspired excellence in respiratory therapy at St. Clair College with some activities, learning and fundraising!

We kicked off the RT Week with a bake sale that had everything from lung shaped sugar cookies to mini pumpkin pies! We also had an intubation station set-up where other students enrolled in health programs at St. Clair College could learn one of the many skills respiratory therapists do, and could even try it out the skills themselves. Both the bake sale and the intubation station ran for 3 days.

To end the week we had a guest lecture from Dr. Riley Jakob, a physician from Windsor Regional Hospital, who came to the college to inspire excellence in healthcare, talking to us about why it is important to be excellent in every job in healthcare, exploring specific attributes every healthcare professional should have. We were so fortunate to have Dr. Jakob share his knowledge with us!

We also had VitalAire and InspAir set up booths where we could ask them questions about the respiratory therapist and their role in the community and homecare.

We were able to raffle off prizes graciously donated by some local businesses and companies, and in total we were able to raise over 300 dollars, with $150 donated to Cystic Fibrosis Canada. What a great week!