Gino De Pinto BEd BSc (Hons) RRT FCSRT

Wendy Foote RRT CRE

The start of September means back to school and SRTs are settling into their semester course work. It has also been a busy month for the committee as we have been able to establish student reps from almost all the Ontario colleges.

We have also added a third-year student representative to give a clinical year perspective. Please join me in welcoming the following individuals to the 2019/2020 SAC Committee:

Faculty/Board Members Student Representatives
Gino De Pinto: Conestoga College, Co-Chair, BOD Hannah Erhardt: Conestoga College
Wendy Foote: St. Clair College, Co-Chair Carissa Coghill: St Clair College
Dave Wall: Fanshawe College Laura Tangelder: Fanshawe College
Sabrina Boucher: La Cité To be determined
Kathleen Olden Powell: The Michener Institute of Education at UHN Harry Kanathasan: Michener Institute of Education at UHN
Darren Brownrigg: Canadore College Abby Brown: Canadore College
Candace Murray-Norton: Algonquin College Leah Turnbull: Algonquin College
Robyn Klages: William Osler Health System Sanjana Hye: Third Year Rep Fanshawe College

Our committee held our first meetings in September with faculty, with the aim to encourage our graduates and alumni to join the association as practicing members. The committee is committed to helping the RTSO reach its goal of 600 members through its network of graduates and clinical partners. Together we can ensure the RTSO continues and thrives for years to come.

Student reps have been making presentations to first and second-year students, providing an RTSO update and encouraging first year students to join the association. They have done an excellent job with recruitment as students have been joining the association from all 7 Ontario schools throughout September.

The student reps have also done a great job with recruiting students to attend the October INSPIRE Conference. Additionally, they are working diligently in organizing a social night to coincide with the conference in Toronto.

Please enjoy the student submissions to RTSO Airwaves, as the SRTs apply evidence to practice and share their findings with us to inform our practice.


Gino De Pinto and Wendy Foote, Co-Chairs, RTSO Student Affairs Committee