Kelly Hassall RRT FCSRT MEd

The Leadership Committee has held one meeting since the summer break.  The meeting centered around increasing awareness of the role of the RTSO throughout the RT community within the province.

It was identified that there is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between the various roles of the CSRT, CRTO and RTSO within the profession.  As seen in this edition of Airwaves, a comparison document will aid RTs within the province in understanding the difference between these various organizations and the impact they have on our practice in the province of Ontario.  The RTSO has also created a resource for leaders and RTSO members to use as a recruitment tool, which identifies the various projects and initiatives the RTSO in engaged in to enhance patient care and RT practice within the province.  All members are welcome to request electronic copies of these materials by contacting the RTSO at

The Leadership Committee has also been working on preparing for the Leadership Summit and the INSPIRE Conference.  Input from members has assisted in creating a diverse and meaningful program for each event that targets various areas of RT practice.  In addressing the need to reach as many members as possible, an option for remote access to attend the Leadership Summit is being offered at a minimal cost.  Future educational opportunities such as webinars are also in the midst of being explored.

The Leadership Committee is also continuing to work on initiatives in support of the RT role within Ontario.  The committee has reviewed documents and provided feedback that has been collated and sent forth to Health Quality Ontario (HQO) to advocate for the inclusion of Respiratory Therapists as care providers for patients with complex needs.  The committee is also nearing the release of a comprehensive hospital-based role description for Respiratory Therapists that will be integrated with that of a community-based Respiratory Therapist role description, to assist in supporting the need for RRTs across the entire continuum of patient care.  In addition to defining the role and the scope of the Respiratory Therapist, work is continuing to map out RRT resources throughout the province and to highlight how the available resources compare to the needs of the patients in those areas.

The Leadership Committee is currently looking for additional members to assist in the current tasks as well as to help identify new areas of focus. Should you be interested in joining the committee, please contact the RTSO at or chat with one of us at either the Leadership Summit or INSPIRE. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at INSPIRE to kick off RT week in style!

Sue and Kelly