Wendy Foote RRT CRE

Greg Donde RRT BHSc MSc

It has been a demanding and empowering time for the RT profession over the last few months.  It is inspiring to see the value, skills, and knowledge that students and graduates can provide.

A huge shoutout to both first- and second-year students working in various roles throughout healthcare.  For your support in RT departments, Assessment Centres, and in various roles supporting hospitals and communities across the province, we thank you!  The SAC hopes that you enjoy reading about some of their experiences in this edition of RTSO Airwaves!

Congratulations to all GRTs who were bravely called early to the front lines to provide care to COVID-19 patients.  Your actions have provided continued encouragement for the future of the profession.  We would also like to congratulate SAC graduate, Sanjana Hye and thank her for the last three years in supporting the RTSO SAC.  A huge thank you to all the graduates across the province who have stepped forward during these uncertain times.

As was mentioned in the last SAC report, Laura Tangelder and Harry Kanathasan were the first student SAC Co-Chairs.  The SAC will continue to foster leaders in our profession by giving student members a greater role in developing leadership through this committee. Two new student Co-Chairs will be selected in September.

We want to wish the best to all third-year RT students entering into their clinical rotations.  We hope you have a great and safe learning experience.  While COVID-19 will provide some challenges, it will still allow for a meaningful learning experience.

We hope everyone enjoys the summer and stays safe. The Fall semester will be upon us before we know it. Thank you for your time this past academic year; we wish you all the best!