Farzad Refahi HBSc RRT CRE FCSRT

COVID-19 has brought various challenges for clinicians and organizations.  With the 24-hour news cycle and never-ending social media feeds, the world quickly went into information overload.

To help respiratory therapists (RTs) connect with reliable resources, the Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario (RTSO) introduced two tabs on the website, titled COVID-19 and RT Refresher.  When resources were updated, a notification was shared on our social media channels.

In addition to the resource tabs on the website, the RTSO began holding webinars that shared expert knowledge on various COVID-19 topics, from filters to mental health.  The majority of these webinars were recorded and are posted on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnJsD2UBDzzxiZSDVoRS0Pg

Without sharing specific details and numbers, the following graph is a simplified representation of the increase in the interaction of our followers with our posts (i.e. available resources).

Pandemic Pay was another area where the RTSO provided advocacy and support, and this work also attracted more people to our social media accounts.

This graph is a beautiful representation of how our Respiratory Therapy community can come together to share knowledge and unite for a stronger front.

A big thank you to our followers, and to those who like and share our posts, allowing more people to benefit from these resources.