Laura Tangelder, SRT

My name is Laura Tangelder, and I’m the second-year representative for Fanshawe College on the Student Affairs Committee (SAC). Moving forward, SAC is going to be changing the way we schedule and run meetings. Beginning in 2-3-month terms, two representatives from two different colleges will be delegated as Student Co-Chairs and will be responsible for communicating with the committee and leading projects. These representatives will typically be second- or third-year students, with assistance from respective first year members. Student Co-Chairs will correspond and work together with faculty members as well, and report to the RTSO Board of Directors as required. The SAC believes this transition will be a great experience for student representatives to take initiative in a leadership role, as well as the opportunity to interact with students from other colleges! We will begin this new format with myself and Harry Kanathasan from Michener as the first Student Co-Chairs.

Role Description:

The student co-chair role may involve, but not limited to the following:

  • Committee wide relevant communication
  • Communication with Co-chairs
  • Organization and leading of meetings, develop agendas, and ensure minutes are recorded
  • Lead action projects aligned with the mission, goals, and objectives of RTSO
  • Develop report to RTSO Board of Directors as required
  • Delegation of tasks among committee members
  • Submit SAC update to the Airways for Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer editions as required
  • Ensure handover to new oncoming student Co-Chairs

Photo from our most recent SAC video meeting (2019).