Farzad Refahi HBSc RRT CRE FCSRT

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have increased our communication with RT leaders and clinical networks to better share updated resources with RTs.  We are frequently speaking with CRTO and CSRT to discuss the rapidly changing environment.

We have worked hard to represent RTs within the healthcare field and with Ontario’s Ministry of Health.  While we have reached out to the media, it seems like there has been more interest in individual perspectives and experiences.

We plan to continue working hard to keep RTs informed and protected, while also aiming to connect with media outlets more frequently.  To increase the conversation about RTs we ask you to share your perspectives and thoughts on the role of respiratory therapists and the impact of the profession in effective patient care.

We encourage you to share your written, photo and video messages on social media.  Make sure to tag the RTSO (and include the hashtags: #RespiratoryTherapist and #RTStrOng).  We will do our best to re-share your content on our social media accounts. We hope to increase the number of individuals talking about and representing the field of Respiratory Therapy.  Together, we can increase community awareness of our profession and the role we have to play in this crisis.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Keep it informative, authentic and clear.
  • It’s okay to be proud of your profession and your job!
  • Be conscious of patient privacy and employer guidelines.

Avoid using this as an opportunity to:

  • complain or shame a person, organization or business.
  • call out businesses, organizations or employers (your comments represent your personal opinion but also may be construed as a representation of your profession and/or employer).
  • speak on behalf of your organization or work unless you have clear directions and permission to do so.

Let’s spread the word about RTs!