Sue Jones RRT FCSRT LSSBB RTSO President

As we embark on a new decade and so many changes coming at us in healthcare, it is imperative that we as a profession remain responsive and nimble to ensure Respiratory Therapy evolves and adapts to meet the needs of our patient population.

Before we look forward to the adventure ahead, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the successes of the past year.  I would like to thank the RT’s in Ontario and our corporate sponsors for helping us to come back from the brink of closure as an association.  Without your support we would truly not still be in existence, and instead of planning for insolvency we are now planning important work around PTSD, educational conferences, webinars and creating meaningful partnerships with various organizations.

INSPIRE 2019 demonstrated your commitment, as we had amazing registration and attendance.  Thank you to everyone who not only attended, but who also took the time to complete the evaluations.  We heard loud and clear that you all felt the quality of the speakers was excellent. We appreciate the feedback on how we can strive to ensure that this INSPIRE 2020 is just as meaningful to you.  A huge thank you is also extended to our corporate sponsors who stepped up to the plate and supported the event; we would not have been able to hold the conference without your support.

The RTSO Board of Directors recently had a strategy planning session and updated the mission and vision statements.  Of course, you are likely thinking “so what…it’s just a statement”.  For us, it reflects our promise to you…the RTs of Ontario.  Our goal as a Board is to target those statements and focus on inspiring you as a professional to be the best you can be, while functioning as an organization to protect your interests and support you in your daily work.

Within this issue of RTSO Airwaves, you will see an article on mental health in Respiratory Therapists – this is a must read as the results may surprise you.  We are pursuing further research on this topic to understand how we as your provincial association can support RT’s in seeking out resources and ensuring our profession is recognized as part of the First Responders, and how the experiences of all RT’s across all sectors can affect mental health.  We will be partnering with the CRTO and a researcher to reach more RT’s with a request to complete a survey that will allow us a better understanding of the effects of our role on our mental health.

We are looking to build on the support we saw last Fall from you and in return we will be providing an educational conference to kick off RT Week in October.  We have run a successful Leadership Summit for the last 3 years and will offer one again this year.  Both events are planned to support you in your professional development.  We are seeking 2-4 volunteers at the front line to assist with the planning of these events.  If you are interested in helping and gaining some experience, please contact us at

Thank you again for supporting the association!  We are an association run by RT’s for RT’s…that is our commitment to you!