Shawna MacDonald RRT FCSRT BEd

Welcome to the first 2020 issue of RTSO Airwaves!

We’ve kicked off the New Year by welcoming our new Board of Directors and Committee members. The RTSO also held a strategic planning meeting mid-January; you can read more about that in the President’s Message.

Our membership campaign for the year is also underway:  I encourage all of you to support the RTSO, now more than ever.  Members matter!  Through maintaining membership and recruiting new members, to volunteering, sharing your expertise, time, stories, concerns and vision with us, you make your provincial professional association stronger. It is through this collective strength that powerful, unified, professional representation at many tables is possible.  Your membership makes a difference!

As you browse through our publication, you will find many reasons why membership with the RTSO matters! This edition of RTSO Airwaves includes our regular features as well as a few submissions from RT Week 2019, some fantastic student literature reviews, Ministry updates, and more!

Thank you to our many wonderful volunteers, amazing contributors of RTSO Airwaves content, and a special thank you to our corporate sponsors.  We value and greatly appreciate all of you!  Together, let’s make this an exemplary year with a thriving, engaged community of practice!