Paula Smith, RRT CRE BHSc, RTSO President-Elect

Dear fellow RT’s,

My name is Paula Smith and I am a very friendly and proud RT.

I am so excited to be part of the RTSO Board and represent the interests of all RT’s in Ontario.  I’ve had a very varied career in Respiratory Therapy over the last 20 years, which includes experiences in homecare, asthma/COPD education, research, pulmonary diagnostics, clinical education, smoking cessation, private industry and acute care.  My patients know me as the “Oxygen Fairy”, and I care deeply about the people we collectively serve.

Throughout my career I have been very passionate about ensuring that we RT’s have the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with allied healthcare providers and key decision makers.  I believe that together we have the power to make impactful, positive changes that increase awareness of our profession and most importantly, improve the lives of others.  #RTStrOng