Shawna MacDonald RRT FCSRT BEd

Welcome to the summer 2020 edition of RTSO Airwaves!

In addition to our regular features, some introductions are included in this issue. We have some new content, with Tony Kajnar submitting a Pulmonary Diagnostics Update.  Not surprisingly, we also received several submissions relating to COVID-19…storying our experiences through this pandemic is so important, as we have learned so much as information has evolved and we have shared our successes and failures with one another!  It was really wonderful to follow the Code Life Ventilator Challenge and see the Covinator-FT (RRTs Dave Wall and Yvonne Drasovean, and team) make it to 9th place!  They have submitted a wonderful story with photos that I am sure you will enjoy.

We’ve also included another great story on the work of Community RT Committee member Ana MacPherson and her role as an Integrated Comprehensive Care Program (ICCP) Care Coordinator.  The Research Interest group has graciously provided an insightful article on COVID-19, highlighting two clinical trials; and the topic for Research Tips 101 relates to mental health and resilience through these unprecedented times.  Such wonderful work!

What is clearly evident from editing all of these submissions is that we are a strong, resilient and proud profession!  We have this amazing support through this organization, with volunteers that fully engage and go above and beyond to support all of you.  Some fantastic RTSO work is highlighted in the Executive Message and in the many Committee and Interest Group updates found in every issue.  Additionally, you will see some #healthcareheroes in this issue.  From paying it forward to keep us updated and educated, you inspire and you are worth celebrating!

Although this summer is very different, I do hope that you enjoy the season.  Take care of you.  Be sure to include some downtime to pause and reflect, and have some summer fun (safely, of course!) with the people and things that bring you the most joy!

May you all stay safe and be well.