Submitted by:  Taylor Ross, SRT, St. Clair College

Protecting ourselves from bacteria and viruses not visible to the human eye has required evolution and innovation in protective products and everyday practices.  As a first-year student respiratory therapist at St. Clair College, I was able to share my knowledge about the proper use of PPE and the importance of hand hygiene during this unprecedented time.

I was lucky enough to be able to continue to work at my full time job, where I am the lead hand at a marina. When the marina got the green light to re-open, we could not have myself and other staff run the operations of the marina as normal operation was prior to the pandemic. Human Resources had to revise safe operation practices for every aspect of the job, from handling cash to pumping gas, to how to clean and disinfect a bathroom.  I was able to be very much involved in the making of these safe operation practices, expressing the importance of hand hygiene and proper PPE requirements in order to keep myself and other staff safe, ensuring we are preventing the possible spread of COVID-19.

I was able to utilize the knowledge I received from my education and put it into practice in the real world.  If we all do our part to keep others and ourselves safe, I am hopeful that all of the shared knowledge can help put an end to COVID-19.

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