August 27, 2019

Supporting Ontario Health Teams

With more than 150 self-assessment submissions received, teams from across the province are already working toward becoming an Ontario Health Team. The ministry will continue supporting them all through the Readiness Assessment Process at every stage.
We’ve recently added two key resources to the Central Program of Supports to support teams on their journey to become an Ontario Health Team: a Digital Health Playbook and Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE).

The Digital Health Playbook

The Digital Health Playbook was developed to support Ontario Health Team candidates with developing their digital health plans during the full application stage, but it is also useful to teams at any stage of development.

The playbook:

  • Supports teams to create a digital health plan and build up their capacity to meet clinical and performance objectives;
  • Provides a general overview of the types of tools, requirements and draft policy directions that will guide the creation of digitally-enabled Ontario Health Teams;
  • Accesses a digital health service catalogue that outlines the assets, services and infrastructure that are available to Ontario Health Teams; and
  • Provides a digital health policy guidance document that gives recommendations on the acquisition, implementation and use of digital tools and services.

Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange

The Rapid-Improvement Support and Exchange (RISE) is an interactive website that provides access to resources, experts and support for potential Ontario Health Teams.

RISE will:

  • Provide supports such as webinars, information and resources;
  • Create online communities for teams, individuals and organizations to connect, engage and share experiences.

RISE is an independent resource supported by the McMaster Health Forum (MHF) and the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Access past webinars and events for Ontario Health Teams and learn about what’s coming up.

For more information visit: Ontario Health Teams.

October 10, 2019

Announcement of Advisor on Public Health and Emergency Health Services Consultations

This week, the Ontario government introduced Jim Pine, as the advisor who will lead the Ministry of Health’s engagements with municipal governments and the public health and emergency health services sectors to strengthen and modernize public health and emergency health services.

In this Connected Care Update, Jim shares a message to the sector.

A message from advisor Jim Pine to the sector:

To my municipal colleagues, health stakeholders and the Connected Care community,

Public health and emergency health services (EHS) play a critical role in the well-being of all our communities. I believe municipalities understand this and recognize the essential importance of public health and EHS to their residents’ lives.

Over the course of my nearly 40 years in public service, I have had the good fortune to meet many people who are devoted to providing high quality services to the people in our communities. When public services are properly organized, and the right tools are available, our communities are well served.

As we embark on our consultations, I look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions that support the modernization of these key parts of the health care system.

Having devoted my career to municipal affairs and local service delivery, I’ve seen, first-hand, the benefits that gaining an appreciation and understanding of local needs and challenges brings to policy design and implementation planning. This is something that I am deeply passionate about and, in this new role, I am committed to ensuring these critical voices are heard and given the consideration they deserve.

In the coming weeks, I will be working with the ministry to develop a full consultation plan that will include the release of a discussion paper, and a schedule of public health and emergency service consultations.

I look forward to engaging with you as we strengthen public health and emergency health services.

Jim Pine

October 15, 2019

Ontario Seeks New Chair for the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patient engagement is a priority for the Ontario government. As we move forward with building a modern and integrated public health care system and ending hallway health care, patient and family voices are essential to understanding gaps in care and where we need to focus on finding solutions.

That’s why the Minister’s Patient and Family Advisory Council has been established as a permanent advisory body and Ontario has launched the recruitment process for the next chair. This individual will guide the operations of the council and provide advice to the government on how to strengthen and expand patient engagement on a number of health priorities, including digital health, home and community care, mental health and addictions, integrated and coordinated care and primary care.

Members of the council will be recruited once the chair has been appointed and we will share further recruitment details as they become available.

The government acknowledges the valuable input and deeply appreciates the efforts of the inaugural Patient and Family Advisory Council members and chair, Julie Drury. Their work was instrumental to establish a framework for patient engagement within the ministry and across the province.

By continuing to listen and work with patients, families and caregivers, we will improve the quality of care, experience and health outcomes for all Ontarians.

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