Kelly Hassall, RRT FCSRT MEd

Stephen Buziak, RRT MA

These past few months have flown by quickly for the Leadership Committee, as we are sure they have for most RTs across the Province. 

We are excited to welcome the following new members onto our team:

Anita Montgomery
Fatima Foster
Megan McFarlane
Pamela McLachlan
Linda Rawe

As Hasina Kanji-Jaffer heads off on maternity leave we want to thank her for all the amazing work she has done over the past several months and wish her all the best as she transitions from the chaos of work to the excitement of welcoming a new member into her family.

As with all things happening during the pandemic, the focus of the Leadership Committee has been on how to best support the RTs across the province during this time of ever changing guidance, PPE supplies and circumstances.  The Committee has assisted with recruiting speakers for the RTSO webinars, and has been sharing information and resources between the RT leadership of various hospitals.  The Committee has been representing the RTSO on the daily Ministry EOC Update calls (Ministry of Health – Health System Emergency Management Branch) and ensuring that the information provided is disseminated to RT leaders across the province.  The Committee has also been supporting the great work being done by the Pulmonary Diagnostic Working Group, as well as providing guidance for Fatima Foster with work in respect to PTSD and the Ontario RRT Support group.

As we begin to look at reopening and the possibility of a resurgence of COVID-19 mixed with our regular influenza season, the Leadership Committee is working on reviewing the various strategies, lessons learned and approaches to care that have emerged over the past few months in an attempt to create some meaningful resources for RTs in acute care.  Guidance documents for procedures such as proning are in the midst of being compiled.

The Committee has also recognized that it’s time to demonstrate how thankful we are and add in a bit of fun.  Many of the Leadership Committee members took the #HCWS4FOOD challenge back to their hospitals to support the wonderful Southlake initiative to give back to our communities during this challenging time…way to go! The response to our t-shift design competition was also overwhelming and it has been very exciting so see what a diverse and talented group of RTs and SRTs we have in Ontario. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit a t-shirt design.  We look forward to the winning designs and photos of RTs across the province wearing their shirts with pride! Our next endeavour will be to support Lisa Wilson with her vision of creating a video that raises awareness of the great work we do and expresses our gratitude for all the support received during this unprecedented time.

As always, the Leadership Committee is so grateful to support the RTs in all the amazing work that they do every day.  If you have any thoughts, suggestions or you would like to join our team, please do not hesitate to reach out via

Take care and stay safe!

Kelly and Steve