Our Mission

To promote and advance the interests of Ontario Respiratory Therapists by creating opportunities for professional growth, advocacy and research.

Our Vision

Inspiring RT Excellence.

The RTSO wants you to know about the VALUE you and your membership bring to the profession.

Healthcare in Ontario is currently in a state of transition.  The RTSO requires your membership, your ideas and your experience to address the issues and concerns that impact RT practice in Ontario.

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Did you know that our organization is volunteer-driven? Our team works hard to ensure RT’s are not overlooked through healthcare transformation.

We’re here to help!

Please let us know what the RTSO can do for you to support your practice …we are here for you!  Drop us a note at office@rtso.ca and we’ll be in touch!

We don’t mean to brag, but we’re pretty awesome!

Here are some examples of what we have accomplished and/or are still working on:

  • Advocated with MOH to be included on the Pandemic Pay list
  • Created COVID-19 web resources
  • Worked with industry to ensure timely educational webinars during the pandemic
  • Created an RT refresher tab for those individuals who wanted review before returning to the bedside
  • Creation of an Integrated RT job profile
  • RT Mapping and correlation to COPD patients (COPD prevalence correlated to availability of RRTs)
  • Creation of an Integrated RT job profile
  • Survey to determine how PTSD and Occupational Stress Injury (OSI) affects Respiratory Therapists, pursuing uncharted research into the mental health of RTs while advocating for inclusion of RTs in PTSD legislation (Bill 163)
  • Creating a package of resources (medical delegation, medical directive samples and other resources) for RRTs and RRT-AA’s to implement the use of ultrasound in their facilities, through ongoing advocacy efforts
  • Representation on the MOHLTC Expert Panels…COPD; NIV and Cough Assist in Long-Term Care
  • Facilitation of and participation in various provincial and working groups to set standards on Respiratory related topics, such as Health Quality Ontario’s Asthma and COPD Quality Standards, clinical working groups, and BORN (Better Outcomes Registry and Network) Ontario.

Wait, there’s more…

We offer:

  • awards
  • professional Liability Insurance
  • research support and mentorship
  • a quarterly newsletter, RTSO Airwaves
  • an annual Leadership Summit
  • an annual INSPIRE Educational Forum
  • resources, upcoming webinars, and more!

Aspire to Inspire.  #RTStrOng

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