Our Mission

To promote, advance and protect the interests of respiratory therapists in Ontario through research, professional advocacy, growth and development.
We do this through strategic partnerships, professional collaboration and leadership.

Our Vision

The RTSO is the voice of respiratory therapists in Ontario, dedicated to providing the best in respiratory care and lung health for all Ontarians,
one breath at a time.

The Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario is a non-profit organization of professionals devoted to the promotion of Respiratory Therapy in the province of Ontario.

The RTSO serves as the voice of the profession in Ontario, and its purpose is to:

  • Promote leadership and direction in the expansion of the role of the Respiratory Therapist in response to the changing health needs of the community,
  • Encourage the professional growth of our members by supporting the development, promotion and provision of educational opportunities,
  • Participate in the planning and delivery of high quality health care,
  • Support and provide public education on respiratory health and disease,
  • Support programs in research, patient care, education and management,
  • Promote the profession of Respiratory Therapy,
  • Represent the professional interests of Respiratory Therapists voicing concerns in a consistent, unified fashion,
  • Develop and maintain standards for practice of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario.


Healthcare in Ontario is provincially funded and managed. The RTSO is your collective advocate for the profession. We are your voice in the province.

The RTSO works with key stakeholders to influence programs, policy and legislative decisions.

Provincial Representation

The RTSO represents the profession to the Ontario government and key provincial partners (eg. The Lung Association, Health Quality Ontario & more!)

The RTSO is a member of the Coalition of Ontario Registered Health Professionals Associations (CORHPA), where the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) present and solicit professions’ feedback re: health system change.


 The RTSO provides educational opportunities for Ontario Respiratory Therapists, with discounted rates for members:

  • Annual INSPIRE Conference
  • Annual Leadership Summit

Membership gives you access to various awards and bursaries:

  • Student Achievement Award
  • Gord Hyland Award
  • Pinnacle Award
  • AA-RRT Award

We provide written updates and highlight the great work happening across the province through quarterly issues of our newsletter, RTSO Airwaves.

There are also opportunities to join various communities of practice and/or special interest groups: research, leadership, community and student affairs, and more!


The role of the CRTO is to regulate the practice of Respiratory Therapy in Ontario, and govern the Members of the CRTO in the public interest.  The College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario (CRTO) is authorized by the Regulated Health Professionals Act (RHPA).

The CRTO regulates the profession by setting out requirements for entry to practice. In addition, the CRTO develops standards of practice, programs to facilitate Members’ continuing competence, and mechanisms to promote interprofessional collaboration and relations between the CRTO and its stakeholders. The CRTO also has processes to address concerns about Members.  Ensuring that only individuals who meet specific criteria enter the profession, and that those already in the profession maintain their competence, the CRTO helps assure that anyone using the title “Registered Respiratory Therapist” meets certain standards and is a competent, ethical and safe practitioner.

Source:  http://www.crto.on.ca/public/about-us/