Nancy Garvey, RRT, MAppSc, Interim Project Advisor, RTSO

I am currently working as a Sr. Program Consultant for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, managing the Asthma Program initiatives that are part of Ontario’s Asthma Plan of Action.

In my role as Research Co-Chair with the RTSO, I have the privilege of working with great committee members including Mika Nonoyama as the Clinical Scientist, Akhilesh Patel, Brittany Giacomino, Shelley Prevost and Brooke Read. Our aim is to help build research capacity among our members so that respiratory therapists across Ontario will provide leadership in related research, evaluation and quality improvement research initiatives that will improve health outcomes. As respiratory therapists, we have a specialized body of knowledge and skills that position us to make a unique contribution to evidence-based patient care.

With the invaluable help of a former co-chair, Dilshad Moosa, we have worked to establish

  • An abstract review and poster competition process associated with the annual Forum;
  • Advanced Practice Education and Knowledge Translation funding awards (new this year!);
  • Regular contributions to Airwaves; and
  • A Research micro-website which we are looking forward to further populating with great resources that will be of interest and benefit to all of our members!

We’re also going to be organizing a special interest group and hope to establish a workable mentoring process to promote and build research capacity amongst the RTSO membership…our principle goal. We think the recently developed strategic plan will help us achieve these objectives! Looking forward to working with you!