RTSO Airwaves Application for Publication

RTSO Airwaves is a quarterly online publication of the RTSO.

Issue Deadline for submissions
Spring March 31
Summer June 30
Fall September 30
Winter January 15

Please note that submission deadlines are typically 2-4 weeks prior to publication.

All submitted documents are subject to a review and approval process.  Items accepted for publication may undergo revision by an Editorial Board.

Submissions and Consent

Online submissions are preferred, utilizing the fillable consent to publish form.  It is understood that submitting items directly to the RTSO Editorial team, Editor-in-Chief or office@rtso.ca implies consent to publish to Airwaves and the RTSO website.

Document Format

Text documents must be submitted in Word format following APA, or American Psychological Association style.  Word limit: 1500, unless otherwise pre-approved.


Authors are responsible for providing references (where applicable).  It is the author’s responsibility to ensure appropriately acknowledged and correctly cited resources.  Authors are responsible for the accuracy of their references.

The use of previously published ideas or work by another author in one’s own manuscript without consent, credit, or acknowledgment and fraudulently passing it as one’s own work is referred to as plagiarism.  Plagiarism is an offense; if suspected, the submission will be rejected.


Author headshots or professional images are welcome. Pictures or images relating to your submission must be in .png, .jpeg, .psd or .pdf format.  Please title, describe, and attach to your original submission.  If a specific photo caption is desired, please suggest wording in the description fillable.

If you wish for pictures to be in a certain part of your text within your article, please put the title of the picture in parenthesis within the text of your article.

Please note:  If your image submissions include other individuals, you will need to obtain permission from them to publish.

To include previously published graphs, images, figures and tables, you must obtain permission from the original copyright holder. Please provide the reference citation in the table footer so that appropriate credit can be acknowledged in accordance with copyright law. (Copyright is most often held by the publisher of the journal or book in which the graph, image, figure or table originally appeared.) It is the author’s responsibility to secure permission. Payment of any fees required for borrowed material is the responsibility of the author. Permissions documentation must be received by office@rtso.ca prior to journal publication or the submission will not be published.

Conflict of Interest

RTSO Airwaves conflict of interest policy is as follows:

  • A conflict of interest may exist whenever an author, the author’s institution, employer, or immediate family member has financial or personal relationships or affiliations that could influence or bias the author’s decisions, work, or manuscript.
  • All authors are required to disclose all actual and potential conflicts of interest, including specific financial interests and relationships and affiliations.
  • Disclosures of potential conflicts of interest should be for the previous 2-year period.
  • Authors must fully disclose all potential conflicts of interest, whether or not related to the content of the paper. The type of relationship (consultant, speaker, employee, etc.) and monetary amount need not be specified.

Consent to Publish Form

By submitting below, I have consented to publication of the item(s) listed, thereby granting permission to the Respiratory Therapy Society of Ontario (RTSO) to publish in RTSO Airwaves, on the RTSO website or on other RTSO Social Media platforms. I grant permission to the RTSO to obtain, alter and/or publish photographs relating to the item listed. For photographs I have provided, I have obtained a minimum of verbal consent to publish any persons appearing within. I understand by consenting that I release the RTSO from liability relating to publication of these items. I also understand that submitted items will be stored in a confidential, secure manner and that they will not be reproduced or used for any other purposes without expressed consent.

List of submitted items (for article, include full title, author, and credentials; for photos or audio/visual recordings, please list each file name and provide a brief description of content):

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