Shawna MacDonald RRT FCSRT BEd Director; Editor-in-Chief, RTSO Airwaves

Welcome to the Spring 2020 issue of RTSO Airwaves!

Today’s focus continues to be on preparation, planning, personal protective equipment, and the various aspects of care and management of COVID-19 across the province.

This pandemic has touched every aspect of our lives, and because of this, the Spring issue is rather lean.  We recognize that priorities currently lie elsewhere for so many of us, into an unforeseeable future, but know that we are in this together.

The RTSO continues to work diligently on your behalf — to advocate, inform, educate, research, communicate, and more importantly, to support you and your practice.  Resources are posted on our website, with the addition of a ‘COVID-19’ tab as well as a ‘Refresher/Education’ tab, and a support group has been implemented by Fatima Foster on Facebook, “Ontario RRT Support”.  This is a safe space to be honest with one another about how we are feeling, with great tips and resources relating to well being.  Try a grounding exercise if you feel overwhelmed or anxious, or remind yourself of something or someone you are thankful for. Be mindful, kind and compassionate, not only to others, but offer that gentleness to yourself as well.

“This too shall pass.”

The RTSO is here for you, and continues to represent you.  We are at those important tables; working tirelessly to ensure your voice is heard.  The great work our team of volunteers accomplishes is readily apparent in the President’s Message and in each committee report and interest group update.

As we get through this together, we want you to continue to reach out.  Feel free to ask questions, share feedback/commentary or story your experiences, lessons learned, and your challenges, and please consider sharing your learnings and passion with the rest of the profession…we are in this together and we are better, together!

Stay safe, and take care of one another!