The RTSO and CRTO are working together to promote the profession of 
Respiratory Therapy to the public of Ontario.

Some of the ways we doing this is by:

  • Writing and submitting stories about RTs to publications like Hospital news
  • Participating in Career Fairs to promote the profession to potential students
  • Organizing TV exposure with TVO and Rogers Cable to talk about asthma and how RTs help asthma sufferers
  • Contacting the media to get coverage of events like RT Week and World Asthma Day
  • Exploring partnership opportunities with the Lung Association

We need your help to promote the profession effectively in your community

  • Can you speak to high school students about the profession?
  • Can you speak to seniors groups about COPD?
  • Can you do a workshop on asthma education?
  • Can you identify opportunities to get the word out about our profession?

If you can help in any way, please contact the office at