Mike Keim, RRT, Director, Ornge

I am currently working as an Educator, in the Education and Leadership program at Ornge, Critical Care Transport. I participate in the initial education that takes flight paramedics from primary through advanced to critical care practice. In addition, I am involved in developing individual reintegration and remediation plans, plus the development, planning and delivery of annual continuing medical education.

From my professional beginnings as an RT, I have believed that it was important to be part of something that is shaping my future; as a result I have been part of RTSO regional and provincial activity in some capacity for almost my whole professional career.

Currently as Treasurer, I find myself in a unique position of being able to participate in a number of the key objectives with the identified lead individuals. The RTSO’s financial position supports our current plans, however realizing the vision of the board in creative, sustainable ways, could always use more resources. I continue to represent the RTSO as a sitting member of the MOHLTC Allied Health Professional Development Fund committee, which is one resource assisting RTs in Ontario to achieve their personal education goals. I will also be working with Board members to establish and strengthen partnerships with other organizations.